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Some Cause for Celebration

Everyone knows about the “Fiscal Cliff,” which was probably more like a small hillock.  And by now, most folk know that Congress and the President figured out a last minute (actually, it was after the last minute, but who’s counting) compromise to avoid the tax increase components of the problem.  But the popular press has […]

Small Area FMRs – What Will They Mean for Landlords?

The Small Area Fair Market Rent (SAFMR) program may have many effects on the subsidized housing landlords.  One of the desired outcomes may be that lower income tenants will have the opportunity to move to housing in higher cost neighborhoods.  However, another effect may be that landlords in lower cost neighborhoods will see a loss […]

Is “Green” about the Environment or Money?

USA Today recently ran a series of articles, under the lead “GREEN INC. Environmentalism for Profit,” regarding the US Green Building Council and their LEED certification process.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is a self-proclaimed “voluntary, consensus-based, market-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings.”  LEED standards come in […]

Building Livable Communities – the Annual Housing, Transportation & Jobs Summit

On October 4, the Los Angeles Business Council hosted the 2012 Mayoral Housing, Transportation and Jobs Summit at UCLA. For over a decade now, the LABC has been organizing these discussions of issues with elected officials, business leaders and members of the community. The report released at this year’s Summit, Building Livable Communities: Enhancing Economic […]

When Will Rent Payments Go Electronic? And Should They?

There have been several op-eds and articles about a bill passed by the California State Legislature and signed by the Governor that prohibits landlords and property management firms from requiring tenants to pay their rent electronically (SB 1055, Lieu).  The bill was sponsored by the Coalition for Economic Survival and Western Center for Law and […]

Has the Granny Flat Finally Arrived — as the Graduate Flat?

Lennar, a well-known and fairly traditional home builder active in California, made the news recently because they are offering a new product in their Crescent Heights at Sky Ranch subdivision in Santee, a suburban city east of San Diego.  One of the three models offered incorporates what they are calling their NextGen, Home Within a […]

Is There a Two-tiered Mortgage Market Based on Race?

Red-lining has long been a topic of concern in the housing industry.  I have known people who actually saw the maps in bank offices, with the big red line surrounding minority neighborhoods on it, or the predominantly minority Census Tracts colored red. Red-lining was a very real and pervasive problem until Congress stepped in with […]

Property Values are Rising Again! Hooray for Higher Taxes??

Several sources have reported that home sales prices appear to have turned the corner and are now rising.  DataQuick shows increases in sales prices over the past five months, and year-over-year increases. While foreclosures remain high, the increase in sale prices is seen as a positive sign that the market is recovering.   ClearCapital also […]